Other Resources

Websites for Suffrage

If you want: - plentiful resources/events on women’s suffrage and history
- a place to order materials or find presenters
Go to: http://www.nationalwomenshistoryalliance.org
formerly the Women’s History Project, great on-line store,
links to activities like the suffrage graves registration

If you want: primary sources (original documents) on women’s suffrage
Go to: http://www.crusadeforthevote.org/primary-documents-1/
(National Women’s History Museum) google “Catch the Suffragists’ Spirit”
for a 21 minute webcast showing and discussing the suffrage scrapbooks kept by Elizabeth Smith Miller and her daughter

If you want: Lessons/materials for teaching about women’s history
Go to: http://www.crusadeforthevote.org
See “educator resources” https://wams.nyhistory.org/curriculum/
Women & the American Story, the educator’s companion to the Center for Women’s History; new site, most units still in process
“Women’s Rights: The Struggle Continues” New York
Common Core-Aligned Units for K-12 and Higher Education

If you want: Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video re-done with suffrage visuals
Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co6qKVBciAw

If you want: Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I A Woman?” speech, by Keri Washington
Go to: https://vimeo.com/1275136

If you want: “Ladydrawers,”a graphic novel style presentation of suffrage history
Go to: https://centraloregoncoastnow.org/2013/06/11/a-ladydrawers-history-of-womens-rights-part-i-earnings-and-yearnings


Women’s Suffrage Videos

For more information or to borrow a DVD or get an outline: Kathy DeHerrera, 564-1013, chance2052@msn.com



Dreams of Equality Produced by the National Park Service for the Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY - 28 min.

A succinct summary of the beginning of the women’s rights movement in the mid 1800s.  Uses a story-telling approach and re-enactments for a very accessible presentation, good for general audiences and older children.  Letters exchanged between an adult sister and brother give the average persons’ reactions.  Includes the interaction with abolition, quotes from suffrage pioneers, bloomer-wearing, and comments from modern day kids and adults.


Generations: American Women Win the Vote

1989, Vote 70 - 12 min.

The Cliff Notes version of the fight for women’s suffrage, focusing on the crucial votes in 1918-1920.  Mentions the early western victories and “war of the roses” (antis wore red roses, suffragists yellow ones). 

Encourages women to vote.

Ends with quotations from suffragists accompanied by song “Generations.”


Iron Jawed Angels                         

2004, HBO-124 min.     


Hilary Swank stars as Alice Paul, a leader in the fight for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to acknowledge women’s right to vote and hold office.  Set in 1918, this Golden Globe winning film chronicles the sacrifices and dangers faced by the suffragists who defied authorities by picketing war-time White House, and were imprisoned as criminals. 

Also starring Angelica Huston, Julia Ormond



Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony

1999, a Ken Burns and Paul Barnes film for PBS -180 min. in two parts narrated by Sally Kellerman

A portrait of a powerful partnership--two women who met in 1851, and worked together for more than half a century in the cause of women’s rights. 

An Emmy award winner rich with unique historical photos, interviews, and film clips of suffrage parades, plus a compelling special feature on the motivation of the two male documentary makers.  Outline available


One Woman, One Vote        

1995, a Ruth Pollack film for PBS American Experience -106 min.

Narrated by Susan Sarandon.

This documentary traces the progress of American women’s rights from the 1848 convention in Seneca Falls, NY, to the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920.  Covers the leaders of the suffrage movement and Includes the 1893 fight for the vote in Colorado in the chapter on “The West.” 

Uses newsreel footage, photos, quotations, songs, and narration.  Is divided into easily accessible chapters for teaching or using in segments.  Outline available.




Votes for Women

1996, by Kay Weaver and Martha Wheelock, Ishtar Films -20 min.

A clear concise review of the suffrage movement from 1848 to 1920, using narration and black and white photos and film.   Includes the Stanton/Anthony partnership, Sojourner Truth, Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, Alice Paul, ERA, glimpses of modern feminists.  Colorado’s suffrage efforts are mentioned in confusing snatches.  Watch through the credits for more photos and a great story.  An insert lists all of the 184 images used.