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Borrowing Rules

To apply for a library card go here. Proof of identity, birthdate, address and residency required. Name and address are required on all documents submitted. Electronic proofs of residency may be accepted ( bills, lease).

Loan periods and fees

Fines are assessed to ensure prompt return of materials. The chart below details standard loan periods and fees.

Material Type Loan Period Limit Hold Limit Renewals Overdue Fees Grace Period
All Items   Unlimited 50 6 $.10/day, max $3 3 days
Books 3 wks/21 Days 100 50 6 No fines or damage fees for children's picture books (JE) and board books (BB);
$.10/day, max $3 for other materials
3 days
Audio Books, Magazines(excluding current issues), Playaway Audio, Playaway Bookpacks, Puppets 3 wks/21 days 50/ea 50 6 $.10/day, max $3 3 days
Quick Read Books 3 wk/21 days 5 No Holds No Renewals $.10/day, $3 max 3 days
Magazines (Current issues) 3 days 5 No Holds No Renewals $.10/day, $3 max 3 days
DVDs 1 wk/7 days 20 50 6 $.10/day, max $3 3 days
Quick View DVDs 3 days 5 No Holds No Renewals $.10/day, $3 max 3 days
Community Passes (Zoo, Arts Center, State Parks) 1 wk/7 days 1 1 No Renewals Depends on Pass 3 days
Tablets 1 wk/7 days 1 1 No Renewals $5/day, max $50 None
Wifi Hotspots 1 wk/7 days 1 1 No Renewals $5/day, max $50 None
Music CDs 1 wk/7 days 15 50 6 $.10/day, max $3  
Vox 21 days 5        

* Courtesy Renewal – six renewals will occur automatically if there is no hold on that item. Materials on hold by another borrower cannot be renewed.

** No fines or fees for Juvenile picture books and board books.

*Material on request by another patron can not be renewed.

Overdue Material:

Customers are responsible for all materials borrowed on their library cards. Overdue fees continue to accrue until the material is returned. Overdue fees may be paid at the time of return or at a later date. When the borrower’s account exceeds $10, borrowing privileges will be suspended until sufficient fees are paid to reduce the balance owed to less than $10. The library’s primary interest is in getting the material back so it can be available for other customers.

Overdue notices may be sent by E-mail, or telephone. E-mail and telephone messages will be generated the first day the item becomes overdue. Notices are courtesies only. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not exempt the borrower from overdue fees.

Materials containing multiple items will not be checked in until all items have been returned. Overdue fees will be charged if all items have not been returned by the due date.

The cost of materials that are lost or damaged will be charged to the borrower’s account.

If materials are not returned or fees are not paid, the borrower’s account may be referred to collection management agency where a non-refundable 20% collection management fee will incur on accounts with fines of $50 or more.


The Pueblo City-Count Library District recognizes that circulation and other records identifying the name of library users with specific materials are confidential in nature. To ensure this protection, we do not allow access to your library record without proper identification and/or your library card. This is to protect you from unauthorized use of your library card and/or access to personal information on file with us. The Pueblo City-Count Public Library recognizes that the circulation records of the library are confidential in nature and advises all library employees that such records shall not be made available to anyone including any agency of state, federal, or local government except pursuant to federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative investigatory power.