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Please ask staff at the Customer Service Desk for assistance locating a device that best suits your needs.

Each of the following devices are compatible with telecoil equipped hearing aids (works also with-out hearing aids).

  • Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro — Portable hand-held amplifier for one-on-one or small group conversations that simultaneously mini-mizes background noise.
  • Williams Sound amplification system — Installed in the Ryals meeting room (4th Floor) to improve audibility of meetings, special events, and movie screenings. Mobile wireless units are also available for use in other meeting rooms and for scheduled library tours and children's story hours.

  • Visual/Mobility Assistance (3rd Floor)
  • JAWS screen reading software
  • OpenBook scanning screen reading software
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software
  • Power adjustable table / Ergonomic chair
  • Large print Keyboard
  • BIGtrack trackball mouse

Second floor.

The MagniSight Color CCTV is a 20" video magnifier that can display books, magazines, and other printed materials up to 50 times their original size on its own television-like screen.