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New project: statuary
After promoting and creating numerous suffrage celebrations, WSCSC is
broadening our focus to promoting education on women’s history. We are currently
launching an effort to bring statues of women to Pueblo’s public venues.
The first and most obvious to be honored will be Carrie Clyde Holly, a Pueblo
woman elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 1894. She and two
Denver women were the first in America to serve in a state legislature. Rep. Holly was
the first U.S. woman to sponsor a bill and guide through its passage into a law.

Videos for kids and adults:
Each of these ten-minute videos features a suffrage picture book for kids being read
aloud as the pages are shown. Each video includes pre-teaching of new words and has a
parent/teacher guide. For more information contact Kathy DeHerrera, 719-248-7912 or


These videos are available on Pueblo Heritage Center’s YouTube at: