The Library to You Program provides free temporary or permanent library service to Pueblo County residents who are confined to their home or care facility. The Library to You office will endeavor to match customers with a volunteer who can deliver and retrieve materials from the customer's home once a month.

Who can apply for the Library to You Program?
Any person in Pueblo County who is unable to travel, temporarily or permanently, to the library without assistance due to illness, injury, condition, or physical disability may apply. How to Apply: Submit the online application below, download the application here, or call/email the Library to You Office at (719) 553-0233 or for the application to be mailed to your address. The completed application can be dropped off at the library or mailed to the following address:
Pueblo City-County Library District Library to You Office 100 E. Abriendo Avenue Pueblo, CO 81004 After the application is reviewed you will contacted by a library staff member.

Library to You Status:
The temporary or permanent Library to You customer can check out any materials that circulate through normal library practices within the Pueblo City-County Library District with extended checkout time of twenty eight days. No fines will be assessed to Library to You customers for late fees because of overlap time from volunteer deliveries; however fees for damaged or lost materials will apply. The library card may be maintained by the Library to You office or the customer's volunteer for check out purposes. Library to You status will resume to regular library customer status upon the recovery of a temporary Library to You customer and in the event that the policy/agreement is misused.

Need a Library Card
Emergency Contact Information
Confidentiality Statement
Customers of the Pueblo City-County Library District are able to read, view and listen to whatever they choose and have that information kept confidential. Pueblo City-County Libraries have policies in place to keep only enough customer information that is necessary to do business. I understand that volunteers of the Library to You Program may document and retain a record of the books/materials that have been checked out for the purpose of avoiding duplication. Customer confidentiality is protected by the Colorado State Statute (24-90-119) entitled: Privacy of User Records. In certain circumstances, this may be superseded by the Federal Patriot Act. I have read and understand the Homebound Policy/agreement and in case of loss or damage, I assume financial responsibility for the library materials I receive.

Do you have a few hours per month to help bring the library to homebound customers in your community?
Call (719) 553-0233 or email for more information.