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Award-winning author Vicki Cobb, known as the “Master Chef of Hands-on Science,” is a former science teacher.
Her book, Science Experiments You Can Eat, is a playful, hands-on take on science.
Her books for grades kindergarten through eighth grade cover topics such as physics, chemistry and biology, biographies, geography, and the human body.
Vicki has performed “Science Surprises,” for students throughout the U.S. Cobb shares her expertise, humor
and wit to inspire teachers to make science teaching the highpoint of their day. 
Her featured book Science Experiments You Can Eat is a hands-on book of edible science experiments.
Updated information that reflects changes in the world of processing and preserving foods,
this cookbook demonstrates the scientific principles that underpin the chemical reactions witnessed every day — just by cooking.
From salad dressing to mayonnaise, celery to popcorn, and muffins to meringues, her book uses food to make science accessible.
Also included is essential information on eating healthfully, plus additional resources for further exploration.