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Rawlings Renovation


Current temporary closings and movements:


Beginning July 5, 2022, the 3rd floor will close to the public and the majority of Special Collections will go offline.  These collections will remain unavailable to the public while this department undergoes renovation.  A temporary research room is open on the first floor in Brett Kelly Room A to provide public access to a small collection of research materials.
The fourth floor is also closed for renovation.
Wheelchair access parking: 
During construction, accessible parking spaces are available in the south parking lot. 
For wheelchair or motorized scooter access to the building, please call 719-562-5694.  
Estacionamiento con acceso para sillas de ruedas:
Durante la construcción, los espacios de estacionamiento accesibles están disponibles en el estacionamiento sur.
Para acceder al edificio en silla de ruedas o scooter motorizado, llame al 719-562-5694.