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COVID-19 Test Giveaway

Pueblo libraries begin distribution of COVID-19 test kits while supplies last.

PCCLD is participating in the Free COVID-19 Test Giveaway program and we are distributing a limited amount of tests at opening time on Wednesday, Feb 23. 
We expect a larger supply of COVID tests in the near future and will make an announcement when more tests are available. Please call us for more information.
Tests can be picked up during library hours at the following library locations (please call 719-562-5600 to ensure availability):
  • Barkman Library, 1300 Jerry Murphy Road   IN STOCK
  • Tom L. and Anna Marie Giodone Library, 24655 U.S. Hwy 50 E.   IN STOCK
  • Greenhorn Valley Library, 4801 Cibola Drive, Colorado City   IN STOCK
  • Lamb Library, 2525 S. Pueblo Blvd.   IN STOCK
  • Library at the Y, 3200 E. Spaulding Ave.   IN STOCK
  • Patrick A. Lucero Library, 1315 E. 7th St.  IN STOCK
  • Pueblo West Library, 298 S. Joe Martinez Blvd., Pueblo West   IN STOCK
  • Robert Hoag Rawlings Public Library, 100 E. Abriendo Ave.   IN STOCK
About the test
iHealth rapid antigen tests have received emergency use authorization by the FDA for home use by patients 2 years of age and older.
The test utilizes a self-collected, lower nasal swab (or adult-collected for young patients).
Results are available in 15 minutes.

Read all instructions on how to properly perform the test. Instructions are included in the box. Spanish instructions:
For more instructions on interpreting and reporting your result, click Rapid At-Home Antigen Test_ What To Do_.pdf - Google Drive
Call the state COVID-19 call center 1-877-268-2926
Find a testing and test distribution location: