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What is a Teen Advisory Board?

A library’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB for short) is a group of teens that meets twice a month during the school year at the library. TAB works with the YA/Teen Librarian, Ciara, to improve teen programs, the Teen Zone, and the YA book collection. Basically, the mission of TAB is to take ownership of teen services at the library and help turn it into what you want the library to be.


When is TAB?

TAB meets twice a month, on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm (just after Teen Hangout). This time slot is not set in stone, and if another time works better for meeting, we can do that. We’ll meet in the Teen Zone in the 2nd floor of Rawlings. Meetings will be 1-2 hours long.


Who is eligible for TAB?

TAB is open to anyone aged 13-18 from Pueblo.


What do I get out of it?

  • Free food and drinks when possible (I’m not saying it’s pizza, but it’s probably pizza).

  • A voice in deciding what cool stuff the library can offer for teens.

  • If you need volunteer hours for school or some other reason, participation in TAB counts toward that goal.

  • A chance to make new friends outside your school.

  • The infinite gratitude of the YA/Teen librarian.

  • TAB membership looks good on resumes and college applications.


What actually happens at TAB meetings?

Sometimes Ciara will have a list of event ideas, and TAB will comment and vote on whether or not they want the library to make those ideas a reality. TAB also offer their own ideas for events or clubs, and plan them themselves.  Each year, TAB has a budget with which to plan its own project – that project can be library-focused on Pueblo-focused. Your imagination is the limit.Past TABs have made films, run anime festivals, and developed intergenerational programs. 


TAB members also do things like:

  • Help increase teen participation in summer reading (use your imagination!)

  • Devise teen programming

  • Bring ideas for programs or events that teens could run for other groups (either kids, adults, or older adults)

  • Write book reviews to be displayed in books in the stacks.

  • Decorate Teen Zone

  • Create book displays

  • Plan themed parties for “holidays”

  • Help staff with family programs

  • Use your voice to affect your space, your library, and potentially your broader community!


What if I can’t make it to every meeting?

That’s totally okay. Sometimes you might have an event at school, a family conflict, or maybe just too much homework. Some TAB members only come in the spring because they play a sport/are in plays/do something else that has practice at our meeting time in the fall. All we ask is that you come when you can, and try to let us know when you can’t.


How do I sign up?

Find and print out an application here or ask at the Teen Desk or Youth Services Desk for a Teen Advisory Board application. If they’re around, introduce yourself to the YA/Teen librarian Ciara and ask any questions you might have. They like it when people talk to them… you can also call: 719-553-0207 or email:  ciara.kehoe@pueblolibrary.org


This sounds great! When can I start?

If you are interested, submit the form below. Or you can hand in aprinted application (download here) to the Youth Services desk at Rawlings Library. Any meeting can be your first.

Questions? Email Ciara: ciara.kehoe@pueblolibrary.org,

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