Educators, plan a class visit to one of our library locations and help instill a life long love of exploration and learning. Your class can be shown all the amenties a location has to offer, learn research materials, attend a storytime or participate in a small project. Complete the form below and a library representative will contact you in 2-3 business days to confirm your visit. If you have any questions or concerns, call the library at 562-5600.

• If you are requesting library staff visit your location or attend your event, please select "Offsite" as your location.

• Please note that some offerings are not available at all locations and may have age restrictions.


Please let us know how you would like to spend your time with us.
Material will be gathered ahead of your visit. If you would like items to be already checked out, please add a library card and preferred pickup location in the comment section.
Use our facilities to host your family night. This includes use of our space and a brief introduction to library services from a staff member.
Craft or art activity, hands-on project, 3dprinter demo and other options available.
Learn about how talking with one another can change the world.
Learn about the importance of understanding differing perspectives through communication tools throughout history.
Focus ages 0-5 and their caregivers.
Can you read between the lines? Explore how graphic design can change the way you view the world.
Put yourself in another's shoes as we travel back to the 1930s and talk about historic communication tools.
Explore and create by using the Southern Colorado Rock Art Collection found in our archive.
Please remember to include site location and details in the comments box
A library representative will attend your family nights, fairs and other community outreach events to promote library services. Includes library card signup.
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