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Assistive Services

Assistive Technology

The MagniSight Color CCTV is a 20" video magnifier that can display books, magazines, and other printed materials up to 50 times their original size on its own television-like screen. JAWS is a screen reader program which allows people who are blind or have low vision to hear information displayed on their computer screens. JAWS users can listen to their email, browse the web, and operate programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Power adjustable tables allow the user to easily adjust from 27" - 39" table height with the push of a button.
Dragon Naturally Speaking enables an individual to speak to the computer and have their words appear on the screen. "Speech Recognition" can also be used to control the computer by voice, open a program, or print a document . It may benefit people who have a clear voice, but who may not be able to use their hands. Dragon Naturally Speaking may also be used to assist people with poor literacy skills. ZoomText is ideally suited for computer users with low vision. The software combines powerful magnification with synthesized speech. It can magnify information on a computer screen up to 16 times its original size, and can read text aloud Large print keyboards offer larger keys than standard keyboards, and have high contrast white on black keys.
Assistive listening devices, ideal for one on one, and small and large groups settings, may help to improve sound quality and volume for individuals who are hard of hearing. Chairs with adjustable height seats and arms may provide adequate support and comfort for individuals with a variety of mobility, orthopedic, and other disabilities. The BIGtrack trackball mouse is ideal for individuals who do not have the fine motor skills needed to operate a standard mouse.

Assistive Technology Available at the Rawlings Library

Assistive Listening Devices are available. Please ask staff at the Customer Service Desk (1st Floor) for assistance locating a device that best suits your needs. Each of the following devices are compatible with telecoil equipped hearing aids (works also with-out hearing aids).

  • Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro — Portable hand-held amplifier for one-on-one or small group conversations that simultaneously mini-mizes background noise.
  • Williams Sound amplification system — Installed in the Ryals meeting room and Info-Zone Theater (4th Floor) to improve audibility of meetings, special events, and movie screen-ings. Mobile wireless units are also available for use in other meeting rooms and for scheduled library tours and children's story hours.

MagniSight Color CCTV (2nd Floor - Study Rooms)

Workstation AT1

  • Visual/Mobility Assistance (3rd Floor - Special Collections)
  • JAWS screen reading software
  • OpenBook scanning screen reading software
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software
  • Power adjustable table / Ergonomic chair
  • Large print Keyboard
  • BIGtrack trackball mouse