The Music Box (Recording Studio)

The Music Box is located in the Frank Lamb Room at the Pueblo West Library. Prior to booking a recording time, please contact Cory (562-5600) to set up an orientation to learn the equipment.

To book recording time, visit our online reservation sytem here. Be sure to choose the recording equipment in the Equipment Menu at the top right of the reservation form (Click bottom, right image for example). Reservations must be 7 days in advance.

Laptop with the following programs
-Digital audio workstations include
-Ableton Live Lite 9
-Darkwave Studio
-Multitrack Studio
-Pro Tools First
-Reason Lite 10
-Drum sampling programs include
-MPC Essentials
-Hydrogen Drum Machine
-Giada Loop Machine
-Miscellaneous software includes
-Musescore 2 musical score creator
-Powertab Editor tablature creator
-Mixx virtual DJ software
-Addictive Keys Electric Grand
-Sonivox Big Bang Drums
-and many more (way too many to list)

-Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Interface
-MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with shock mount
-Ibanez slid body electric guitar
-M-Audio AV32 Studio Monitors
-Zoom G1 xon Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
-Akai Professional MPD218 Pad Controller
-Casio CTK 2550 Portable Keyboard
-M-Audio Keystation 49e midi keyboard