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Memoir About Your Life

The Pueblo City-County Library District  is creating a digital collection of experiences in southern Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic. People in the future will be in interested in what life was like during this crisis. Like journals and letters from the past found in our vault, these digital documents will inform and provide researchers with context into the local details of  a global event. We ask that you respond to the following prompts about your life during this time. Fill in the fields below. In the upload section you may include text documents, images, or audio recordings of your experiences. 


These documents will be reviewed by the Special Collections department, who will then upload the content to the Archiving Covid-19 digital collection. By submitting to this project you and all persons documented grant ownership without restriction to the Pueblo City-County Library District, for the use of any and all materials submitted here. Use of the materials may include, but is not limited to research, education, exhibitions, programs, marketing, reproductions, and promotional purposes.


Please do not put your or others health at risk. Follow all CDC guidelines to prevent transmission of the virus.