Resources for Teens

Local Teen Resources: for almost any question.
Other Resources:
The American Presidency ProjectThis site has everything you need to write a report on a US president.
BBC Country ProfilesA collection of information about countries around the world.
Career One StopExplore different careers, improve your resume, and find local services to provide in-person help.
Code AcademyLearn to code for free with interactive lessons.
College NavigatorThis national website allows you to use criteria to personalize your search and allows you to save search results.
ConnectEdImproving student access to the learning resources and books of America’s libraries.
DuolingoThis program can help you keep up with the rest of the class with its online lessons. You can take a quick test to skip the basics.
ERICFind full-text articles on a wide variety of subjects from trusted journals and other sources.
FastwebFill out a profile to get advice on colleges, scholarships and financial aid chosen specifically for you.
Get the MathLearn how people with all types of jobs use algebra in their daily lives.
Google TranslateIf you absolutely cannot get your hands on a bilingual dictionary, Google Translate can give you a rough idea of the translation.
 HelpNow provides assistance with tutoring in elementary, middle school, high school, intro college, and adult education. Live online tutors will be available daily from 2:00-11:00 pm while you’re at the library or at home. HelpNow includes a writing lab, SAT/ACT/GED test prep, virtual group workrooms, and live help with English, Social Studies, Science, and Math.
LIFE Photo ArchiveSearch this collection of photographs to use in projects on any subject throughout history.
P TableThis enhanced periodic table allows you to explore groups of elements or individual elements in depth.
Poetry ToolFind full-text poems by subject, learn about poets and even listen to audio clips of famous poems.
Pro/ConThis site looks at both sides of controversial issues.
Pub ChemFind extensive information about chemicals, compounds and more.
Purdue OWLThis site provides tips for writing essays and is the best source for proper citation information.
Snag a JobFind job opportunities that are specifically for teens - no college degree required.
Son of Citation MachineFill in the blanks as you go, and this site will generate the correct citation for whatever format you need.
Sweet SearchDiscover high-quality resources for your next project by using this search engine designed for students.
UN DataSearch through a variety of statistics for countries around the world.
Visual DictionaryUse this site to browse pictures with labels to help you find the right words and definitions.
VolunteerMatchRegister with your zip code to find local volunteer opportunities or have information sent straight to your email.
WebMathGet instant help with math problems.
Wolfram AlphaTry out this site whenever you are stuck with a tricky question in any subject.
WordnikLook up a word or phrase to find entries from multiple dictionaries as well as related words, usage information and more.