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Outstanding Women Awards 2013 Nomination Form

• Download a printable version here.

1. The woman must be a resident of Pueblo County either now or during the time the award honors.
2. Nominations must be sponsored by a Pueblo organization, club, association, individual, etc.
3. The nominating organization is responsible for preparing a brief biographical sketch of 150-250 words describing the woman’s accomplishments. The form will be added to the Robert Hoag Rawlings Library’s Western Research Room, and a brief summary will be included in the program that will be distributed at the luncheon. Please include a photograph. Past recipients will not receive a second award.
4. A representative of the nominating organization will present the award at a special luncheon on Friday, March 15 at noon. The award ceremony will be brief so that women who work may attend.
5.The nominating organization will pay $56.11 for the award ($40.00) and the honoree’s lunch ($16.11). Reservations for additional attendees are requried.
6.PCCLD will not judge the nominations. The person you choose to honor will be honored.
7. Nominations must be received by Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 at 5 p.m. The nominations may be mailed or delivered to the Community Relations Dept. at the Rawlings Library, 100 E. Abriendo Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004.

Submit w/payment (make checks payable to Pueblo City-County Library District), to Community Relations, Rawlings Library, 100 E. Abriendo Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004 by Friday, February 8, 2013.

Information for awards plaque
Biogrophy and photo
Please attach (or send to a typed 150-250 word biography of the nominated woman as well as a high-resolution photo to be included in the awards program booklet.
Nominator Information