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Fade to Pueblo's Past: Opening Reception

Friday, Sept. 5 at 5 p.m. Exhibit through Sept. 28.

This event is free. Complimentary refreshments will be provided.
Photographer Cates said, “If you are interested in Pueblo’s history, its’ past, and photography—and the emotion of times gone by juxtaposed with what’s happening in the world today— come see the show.” According to Cates, special thanks go to the Rawlings Library, Pueblo Historical Society and the Pueblo Arts Alliance in support of this project.

“Our passion for photography is what initially captured our curiosity about the powerful historical images that depicted Pueblo's past culture, events and tragedies,” said Photographer Ward. “Through composite photography and our combined ingenuity, we hope to present this artistic interpretation to our community as a way to step back and take a glimpse into Pueblo's past, ignite a pride and appreciation of our current culture and landscape, and reflect upon the events that have molded us into the strong, diverse community we are today. We invite everyone to ‘fade’ to Pueblo's Past with us and celebrate this place we call home.”

Cates has won awards for her work judged at various art shows, as well as the Colorado State Fair. Her work has also been displayed at libraries, galleries, restaurants and other businesses. She is a member of the Southern Colorado Photography Society, the Pueblo Arts Alliance and the Pueblo Art Guild, and former Board member of the Guild. For more information, email or follow on Facebook.
Ward is a multiple award-winning professional photographer who is currently creating historical composite photography of Pueblo and the surrounding area. She plans to continue generating artwork for organizations and the general public. For more information, email, or visit her online portfolio at
For more information about the show, follow follow, or visit