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Heroes Elevate Empathy - ‘Going Local’ Art Show

Tuesday, May 8- Saturday, May 25

The Heroes Elevate Empathy Project is an art project and scholarship fund powered by young people and supported by an international community of schools and social organizations who believe in the power of empathy to improve our world. Participants in ‘Going Local’ are aged 10-19 and the theme for this, the second year, focuses on ‘Local Heroes.’ Participants have chosen the unsung heroes of their communities - historical or contemporary and accompanied their work with a short essay on their selection. The Heroes Art Project encourages a global conversation between young people across geographic, economic, and cultural distances, challenging them, and us, to give more to our communities. The project was conceived by Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Tsetan, the founder of the Siddhartha School in Stok, Ladakh, India and George Kozaitis, a student from the Rockland Country Day School in New York. Artwork and essay prepared by students from Minnequa Elementary School and GOAL Academy will be among the works on display.



Dr. Orphic's Steampunk Curiosities

June 1 - 31 on Rawlings 3rd fl.

Explore imagery from an alternative history through the works of Dr. Orphic of Steamorphic Laboratories. "Imagining an alternate future from the past," Dr. Orphic explains, "I merge Victorian aesthetics with science fiction." These steampunk creations will be on display throughout the Special Collections department for the month of June and will be highlighted during events at IdeaCon on June 9th.

About the Artist:

Dave Duros has won numerous awards for his Steampunk sculptures, and his work was featured at Art Donovan’s international Steampunk show “ODD BEAUTY: The Techno-Eccentric World of Steampunk” in New York in 2017. Art Donovan is the author of “The Art of Steampunk” and was the curator for the world’s first Steampunk exhibit at Oxford University in London. Donovan says “Duros’ work is wonderfully unique and is pure, authentic Steampunk: Great style, well-conceived, well executed…and done with a subtle sense of humor….Stunning! A treat for the eyes and mind!”

Artist Statement:

"I’ve long had a romance with science fiction, as well as Victorian architecture, fashion and machines. In 2013, when I discovered Steampunk, which is a fusion of the Victorian Age and Science Fiction, I was immediately drawn to it. Steampunk Art sculptures are reminiscent of the kind of fantastic machines described by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and depicted in movies like the “Time Machine”, “Wild Wild West” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

Fascinated by this merge of Victorian aesthetics and Science Fiction, I began creating Steampunk Art Sculptures from items found at yard sales, thrift shops, estate sales, and items donated by friends. The media is wood, metal and glass.

I sometimes build sculptures of today’s technological devices, as I thought it might have been built in Victorian times. Or I may imagine that I’ve traveled back in time to the 1800’s, and create a piece that may have existed in an alternative future, but still with a Victorian design aesthetic."

Artwork is divided into the following categories:

Time Travel Collection

The Spirit/Sensory Collection

Flying Machines

Alien Artifacts

Steampunk Fantasy

Steampunk Lighting Fixtures

You can follow Dr. Orphic's continued work on facebook at Dave Duros (Dr. Orphic) or by following Steamorphics Laboratories.