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According to the 2008 Census Bureau Population Estimates, more than 39% of the residents of Pueblo County self-identify as Hispanic. We will update other demographics in the near future.

Demographics and Diversity: Pueblo County's population is diverse. In 2000, 38% or 53,710 of Pueblo County residents self-identified themselves as Hispanic. In the city of Pueblo, Hispanic residents account for 43.8% of the total population. In some areas of the city, Hispanics make up as much as 70% of the population with more than 30% of the them being Spanish speakers.


Total: 141,472
Hispanic or Latino: 53,710 38%

Sub-Categories of Hispanic descent

Mexican: 23,268 - 43%
Puerto Rican: 425 - 0.8%
Other: 29,964 - 57% (Chicano, Mestizo, etc.)

12% of all people in Pueblo County speak Spanish at home
Socio-economics conditions vary and information needs vary. Histories, traditions, beliefs, acculturation and assimilation levels are also quite diverse.