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Summer Self Care

Summer is SUCH an important time to take care of both your body and your mind. Below are some simple tips to step up your summer self-care game!


     Effects on the Body: This vitamin helps our body in multiple ways including gut health, immunity, inflammation, bone strength, and more. 

     Effects on the Mind: Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D can be linked to depression, headaches, fatigue, and other issues. 

     Getting more Vitamin D: Get outside and soak up some sun! Getting a daily 10-15 minutes (depends on age, skin tone, and other factors) is                            the most simple way to increase your vitamin D levels. Other options are eating foods high in vitamin D and taking supplements. List of natural sunburn            remedies here OR just use some sunscreen!


     Not only does sunscreen help to prevent the risk of sunburns and skin cancer, but it can also assist in keeping your skin free and clear of wrinkles and             sunspots. Add sunscreen to your daily skincare routine all year round, not just during summer, to keep your skin young and healthy!


     Effects on the Body: In addition to muscle and bone strength, exercise can also help with having less of a chance of being diabetic and keeping blood           pressure low. Plus, finding strength and flexibility can be a way of finding new hobbies or joys such as skateboarding and other sports.

     Effect on the Mind: Exercise releases endorphins which is a natural antidepressant made within our bodies. This can decrease depression, anxiety,               stress, and insomnia. Another added bonus is having a positive way to get through these and other emotions / situations. 

     Make it Fun! Exercising doesn’t have to be boring! Make it fun by planning a scavenger hunt, taking a dance or martial arts class, exploring the great               outdoors, or simply doing leg stretches while watching tv. 



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