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Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month Poster Contest!

Argus and History Colorado | Lucidea

May is Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation month! To kick it off History Colorado is hosting its first ever Colorado Archaeology and Prehistoric Preservation Month Poster Contest!

Who is History Colorado?

History Colorado is a charitable organization which was established in 1879 with the sole purpose to help people understand what it means to be a Coloradan by sharing powerful stories, honoring our state's treasured memories and creating vibrant communities.


Think about a place that represents something important in the past. For example, the oldest building in your area, an important spot where people had a meeting, an old house that doesn’t have any walls, a wall of rock art, an ancestral pueblo.

Once you have your place, finish this sentence: This place matters because...

Create a design that represents your place and the sentence you came up with!

Who can participate?

Elementary, Junior High/ Middle School and High School students 


Submission Deadline is May 22nd

Judging begins May 23rd and ends May 28th

Winners will be announced on May 29th 

For the full details, go to the contest page.  

Also check out our archaeology book list!




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