Homeschooling like a pro! List of FREE online learning resources


                                                                          (Photo by Angel Rathell)
A lot of us have found ourselves unexpectedly homeschooling! This new responsibility can be overwhelming and even intimidating but on the bright side, it’s exciting being given the opportunity to spend more time with your family and taking on the responsibility as your child’s primary educator. Don’t worry you’ve got this!
 Here are some general tips: 
  1. Have fun! You won’t be able to replicate their classroom structure and that’s okay! Some days you may accomplish more than others and that’s also okay!  
  2. Have patience with yourself and your children and allow them to have input on what they want to learn and tailor your lessons around their needs. 
  3. Get creative and crafty! Right now Pinterest is your friend!! Providing time for creativity will allow your children to express themselves, promote self-confidence and individuality, develop motor skills and bonding time!
  4. If you don’t do this already incorporate quiet times into your routine so everyone has time to unwind. 
  5. Last but not least, make time for hugs! Things are admittedly kind of difficult at this time and your children may or may not fully understand what’s going on. Make sure that their mental health is just as important as their education! 
While all of our branch locations are closed the library’s goal is to continue to be a support system for our community by providing resources to help families during this time. Below is a list of FREE resources to keep your family busy with virtual tours, online storytimes, PE and Art classes, science projects and much more! These are categorized by age/grade level. If you are in need of homeschool inspiration or want to become more knowledgeable about empowering your children during this time, understanding their learning styles or even a craft idea to try, check out other Homeschool Hub posts: Learning Styles, Building Confident Kids, and Snow Dough Craft! While you’re at it, be sure to sign up for a library card and check out our E-Books, E-Movies, E-TV, and more!
Grades K - 12
       123 Homeschool For Me - Free Homeschooling lessons & printables
       826 Digital - Writing resources & teaching tools
       Body Coach - Online PE classes
       CK-12 - STEM-based learning
       DIY - do it yourself videos/courses
       HelpNow - Free online live tutoring (you will need a library card).
       How to Smile - Science activities 
       Inside Mathematics - Math lessons/resources 
       Learn Zillion - ELA common core lessons
       NOVA - Science Videos
       PhET Interactive Simulations - Math & Science simulations
       PCCLD’s online catalog - E-Movies, E-Books, E-Music, and More!
       Quill - Writing & Grammar (parents must create a teacher account then sign their child up as a student)
       ReadWriteThink - ELA based lesson plans
       Smithsonian’s History Explorer - Lessons & activities 
       Smithsonian Kids
       Statistics in Schools - Census-based activities 
Preschool / Kindergarten 
       Children’s Music Express - Online music classes & yoga
Ages 2 - 8
       ABC Mouse - Code: SCHOOL7771 (free membership code during COVID-19)
       PBS Kids Live TV
       PBS Kids Apps - Games, E-books & Videos
       Storyline Online - Famous people reading picture books
       Storytime from Space - Picture books read by astronauts while in orbit!
Elementary (K-5)
       Khan Academy Kids App - math & reading
       Kid Lit TV - Literature and Crafts
       Mystery Science - Science Curriculum 
Grades K - 8 
       Accelerating Young Minds - Early education app
       Khan Academy - Math by grade level and subject
       Math Games
Grades 2 - 6
       Climate Kids
       MetKids - Art
Grades 4 - 8
       Dreamscape - Literature-based online game
       Mosa Mack Science (Free through July trial)
       Quandary - Ethics decision-making game
Middle School
       CommonLit - Reading and Research 
Grades 3 - 12
       Curiosity Machine - Engineering
       Esri GeoInquiries - Multi-subject activities 
       Math Snacks - Food-based math games
       Math Science Music - STEM activities
       Tinkercad - online 3D design & coding
Grades 6 - 12
       Annenberg Classroom - Civics/constitution based lessons
       Con cord Consortium - STEM activities
       iCivics - Government / social studies based games
       The Knotted Line - Interactive History timeline
       Academy 4SC - Videos & Lessons in different topics
       Actively Learn - Interactive reading (free until the end of school year)
       Biointeractive - Interactive Biology
       Global Oneness Project - Multicultural learning 
       Khan Academy - Videos and guides on different subjects (math, history, etc.) / test practice (ACT, etc.)
       Teentography - 6 session photography class
Unsure Age Group
       Billboard virtual concerts 
       Fender Guitar Lessons (3 months free) - Guitar, Ukulele, & Bass
       National Theatre - Live Theater 
       PE with Joe - Kid friendly exercise videos
Parents / Educators
       Quest Club - Homeschool Curriculum website (free through May 31st)
Just for Fun