Welcome to Pueblo City-County Library

Museum/Theater: Exhibits & Movies.

Makerspace: Ideas come to life.

Digital Memory Lab: Photos/Video

Music Box: Digital Recording Studio

Adult Learner Center - Reading and spelling skills are the keys to unlocking your potential! Our friendly staff and volunteer tutors create a supportive environment that encourages growth, achievement and success.

Book Clubs - We've got an online book club as well as some at your favorite library locations.

Homebound - The Homebound Program provides free temporary or permanent library service to Pueblo County residents who are confined to their home or care facility.

Obituary Index - Make any genealogy project complete with a search of our database of Pueblo obituaries.

One-on-One Tech Help - By appointment only, 20 minute help sessions are available at Rawlings or Giodone.

Listening Booth - Do you have vinyl records but no place to listen to them? Check out our record listening booth at Rawlings Library! Every Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the RRA 2nd floor study rooms. Call (719)562-5695 for more info or to reserve a time slot.

    Genealogy - Everything you need to research your family tree.

    Hispanic Resource Center - The mission of the Hispanic Resource Center at the Rawlings Library is to provide services, activities and free resources for both Spanish and English speakers.

    The Vault at the Archives - Pueblo's best kept secret. Find old books, newspapers, journals, yearbooks, photos etc.

      Homework Help - Homework resources for students from K - 12 and even beyond.

      Teacher Assignment Assistance - Teachers, when you have an upcoming assignment and need a hand gathering lesson information, let us help!

      Book a Library Visit- Customize a field trip for your students to the library. Attend a storytime, tour the building, browse for material, do database training, watch a movie, you name it!

      Homeschool Hub - Welcome Homeschoolers! This is your place to find the many resources PCCLD has to offer.

      Contests and Awards - Activities for students to enter to win prizes.

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