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History Wall Project

Background: In 2014 three new libraries in Pueblo County opened their doors and became part of the Pueblo City-County Library District. They are located in the Greenhorn Valley, on the St. Charles Mesa and on Pueblo’s East Side. Each library features a History Wall exhibit near the main entrance that features images and text that celebrate the rich history of each library’s community. Researchers Joanne Dodds, Jeffrey DeHerrera and Charlene Garcia Simms developed chronological histories of the three communities and gathered photographs from PCCLD’s Special Collections, Pueblo County Historical Society and many other repositories to feature in the exhibit. Additionally, community meetings were held to collect photographs and stories from local residents.  Each History Wall is divided into thematic clusters that focus on significant people and events that shaped the community’s development.  A digital slide show adds variety to the content of the exhibit by displaying digitized images that are rotated on a regular basis.

Mission:  The History Wall exhibits inspire visitors to explore the rich history and heritage of Pueblo County by:
  • showcasing images of significant people, events and themes that shaped the community’s development,
  • creating historical context through informative captions and a comprehensive chronological history and
  • connecting the community to PCCLD’s digital treasures.
Scope and Selection Criteria:

Each exhibit features images that are historically significant to each of the three neighborhoods and that tell the story of each community’s development.  The images included in each exhibit are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Historical significance and objectivity
  • Geographic relevance to service area of respective library
  • Thematic relevance and overall fit within historical context
  • Date (general guideline: images pre-dating 1970)
Digital Component: PCCLD encourages lifelong learning and strives to provide engaging user experiences.  To this end, each History Wall also features a digital component that allows the exhibit to evolve as history is created and new content is added to PCCLD’s Digital Collections.  

This feature showcases images that meet the History Wall Selection Criteria and are rotated on a regular basis around selected themes.  It is our hope that this interactive feature will encourage the community to take an active role in the preservation and sharing of stories, artifacts and collective memory.

Greenhorn Valley History
 by Joanne West Dodds
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St. Charles Mesa History
 by Joanne West Dodds
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Pueblo’s East Side History
by Jeffrey DeHerrera and
Charlene Garcia Simms

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