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Book Club Book Requests

How to request books for your Book Club

If the title you are thinking of meets these criteria, we will try to get it for you:

· Are there 10 or less members in your book club?

· Can you give us at least eight weeks advance notice?

· Is the title available new in paperback for less than $25?

· Are you the only designated person requesting for your club?

· Has the paperback been released in the last 12 to 24 months?

We have found that we are best able to fulfill requests fitting the above criteria.* However, this may not work for your group's needs. Also consider ebook and digital audio options. We will try to accommodate you if we can. If complications arise, we will be in touch.

Please use the “Notes” field of the request form to indicate the number of people in your book club. This will help us try to match existing demand with your needs. Please also indicate how you wish to receive your request (see below). Click here for instructions on to make your request.

How to receive your request

You may wish to
1) have your book club members individually put the title on hold for themselves, or
put multiple copies on hold for yourself, or
3) provide us with the library card numbers of your members (using the “Notes” field in the request form) and we will put the title on hold for them (please provide an updated list each time you request a title).

* -- Under these conditions, we typically see new titles added to our catalog within 10 working days after orders are placed