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Reading Pays Completion Form 2022

You've checked out 10 books and you're ready to talk about them!
Now that you've registered for Reading Pays, submit your response below.
Respond to one or more of the books you’ve read: What did you like, dislike, think about, or imagine while you were reading? You can choose to create a short essay, book review, story, drawing or video.
Four different ways to submit your response:
1) Type your response on your computer and save it, then upload the document in the form below.
2) Write it with pen/pencil and paper, take a good clear picture, then upload that image in the form below.
3) Write your response with pen/pencil and paper and bring it into a library location for a staff member to scan and submit the form for you.
4) Type your response directly into the form below and submit it along with your book titles. You can do this from home or visit any library location to borrow a computer or tablet and a Hotspot.
5) Upload a link to your video response recorded elsewhere.  
Additional information: 
  • Registration must be completed before submitting a response. 
  • Complete every prompt below.
  • All responses must be free of inappropriate language and explicit content.
  • Provide contact information and library card number used to register for the Reading Pays program.
Please click submit button only once.
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Submit Response: (ONE of the three methods is required)
If you are submitting a link please make sure it is set to PUBLIC so that our staff can view it. For example, if sending a GOOGLE DOC please make sure access is given to anyone with the link.
Address Verification
If you were enrolled through your school, your address on file is where a confirmation postcard was sent. If you enrolled through this website, it is the one you submitted online at the time of registration.