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Room Reservation Instructions

How to reserve a meeting room at PCCLD (pending confirmation from PCCLD)

1. Read the Room Reserve Policy HERE.

2. Go to the Room Reserve Calendar HERE

3. Once at the calendar, choose your desired library and room location in the menu to the left. Click Refresh.

4. Navigate to the month and date you would like your reservation for. Click on the date number.

5. If the room is available there will be a list of available time slots. Choose the begin time, and end time of your event.

All of the time slots between beginning and end time should be checked/highlighted. To request recurring dates, click the Search/Recurring

from the menu directly above the time slots, to the far right, and continue your request that way.

6. Once you have your times chosen, click Continue.

7. Fill out the contact form with complete information and an email address.

8. Type your name in the space provided to "sign" and state that you agree to the Meeting Room Policy.

A reservation will not be accepted without a signature

9. Click Verify Request.

10. Verify that all information you input is correct. Click Submit Request.

You're done! You should receive an email confirmation pending acceptance of your request.
If you have any questions please call the Meeting Room Coordinator at (719) 562-5600