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Pueblo Library Proud

Pueblo City-County Library District is nationally recognized as a top public library. It is a source
of pride for the community. Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment and other factors are reducing
the library’s revenue in significant ways. The shortfall for 2017-2019 is $806,000 and increasing.
This will impede PCCLD’s ability to provide current level of services.
Choices about PCCLD’s future need to be made now.
The library’s governing Board of Trustees took action at their meeting on July 25 to refer a ballot
measure to the voters of Pueblo County.  The measure will appear on the November 2019 ballot
and asks county voters whether or not to continue a 0.6 mill levy for library services that is
scheduled to expire at the end of this year.

The actual ballot question is:

“Shall Pueblo City-County Library District taxes be increased $1,119,921 in 2020 (resulting in an
annual tax increase not to exceed $4.29 in 2020 ($0.36 cents per month) for each $100,000 of
actual residential valuation) and by such amount as may be collected annually thereafter by
increasing the District’s mill levy rate 0.6 mills, which rate offsets a decrease in taxes effective
January 1, 2020, when Pueblo County retires a 1999 library bond measure, for purposes of
maintaining library services, including but not limited to:
1. Developing special programs for kids that help them read, learn to think and be
entertained in a positive, productive way;
2. Ensuring our libraries continue to be a community gathering space, open to everyone at
no charge, providing a place to go and read or use free internet service;
3. Adding even more of the newest best-selling and classic books and movies available for
free to the public;
4. Providing increased services to the aging population;
5. Evolving with new technology such as offering e-books, movies, and audio books that
can be downloaded for free on a smart phone or electronic reading device;
6. Refreshing and renovating our libraries to maintain them as comfortable spaces for
reading, studying, and learning;
With the District’s entire mill levy rate subject to adjustment to offset refunds, abatements and
changes to the percentage of actual valuation used to determine assessed valuation; and shall
all District revenues be collected, retained and spent notwithstanding any limits provided by

The Resolution passed by the Library Board of Trustees about this ballot can be found here.




Library board of trustees take action on November ballot measure.
For the full press release, click here.
The Resolution passed by the Library Board
of Trustees about the ballot can be found here.