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Technical Cleaning Volunteer

Position Description: 

Work closely with library staff to protect the investment made in the dozens of public terminals and furnishings by cleaning technology workstations throughout the library.

Length of Commitment: 
1 month minimum
Time Involvement: 
2 hours per week
Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age
Attention to detail and ability to perform tasks thoroughly and accurately
Ability to work independently
Reliable and responsible
No known allergies to cleaning agents
Wipe down all public and staff computer workstations including: keyboard, monitor, mouse, countertop
Wipe down all staff telephones
Wipe down each print station
Remove pencil marks from countertops and equipment at each workstation.
Orientation to the library including all applicable policies and procedures.
Individual training with Volunteer Coordinator or staff member regarding the location of all workstations and effective cleaning practices.