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Scrapbook Artist

Position Description: 

Help the library create a portfolio of volunteer contributions by collecting articles and pictures to compile in the Library Volunteer Scrapbook and/or Satellite Library Scrapbooks.

Length of Commitment: 
1 month minimum
Time Involvement: 
Flexible; 4-8 hours per week
Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age
Creativity and attention to detail
Ability to work independently
Interest and experience in scrapbooking helpful
Sort and organize items that have been collected for the scrapbook
Identify an aesthetically pleasing layout for each page
Cut and paste photos and articles in scrapbook
Add decorations and captions as appropriate
May be assigned to take photos of volunteers at work in the library or at events
Periodically request photos from other library locations
Orientation to the library including all applicable policies and procedures.
Individual training with Volunteer Coordinator to discuss projects in further detail.