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Hard Travelin’ : Woody Guthrie‘s Life & Songs

Saturday, October 6, 2012 - 12:00pm

Woody Guthrie was the Oklahoma balladeer whose
simple but evocative songs have enriched the
American musical repertoire. Roaming the country in
the 1930s, Woody connected with America’s working
poor and dignified their lives in song. His signature
tune, This Land Is Your Land, emerged again as a
rallying cry during the Civil Rights Movement of the
1960s. This year (2012) is Woody Guthrie’s centennial
year, a great time to hear the life story of this humble
singer songwriter. In Hard Travelin’, historian Daniel
Blegen discusses Woody’s life and sings his songs.
This unique, one-hour lecture/mini-concert includes
Woody’s Dust Bowl ballads, his songs of the West, and
his tributes to America’s farmers, factory workers and
service men. Included are a dozen tunes, including
Hard Travelin’, Roll On Columbia, Union Maid, Sinking of
the Reuben James, So Long It’s Been Good to Know Ya,
and, of course, This Land Is Your Land. Refreshments
will be provided.