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Archaeologies of Parenting & Community on the Plains

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 7:00pm

Event takes place at the Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center.

The historical narratives about the Plains in the 19th
century are often framed in terms of the people
who traveled across them, on the Mormon, Oregon
or Santa Fe Trails. In contrast, what archaeologists
working on the Plains often find is evidence of
those who moved there and stayed; lived there,
or even grew up there. These people built new
communities in unfamiliar spaces, and left stories
behind—sometimes funny, sometimes tragic—
in the form of house foundations, broken toys
and modified landscapes. Minette Church earned
her doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania
in historical archaeology, and is an associate
professor of anthropology at the University of
Colorado, Colorado Springs. With research areas
in southeastern Colorado and Central America,
she focuses on the archaeology of identity and
communities as they are constructed within
international and intercultural borderlands.