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Danny Quintana: Stories of Hispanic Migration

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 1:00pm

It is appropriate that Pueblo be the location to talk about the stories of Hispanic migration after World War II. All of the little villages in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado emptied out after the war. The young men wanting to start families moved to where there was work, many to Pueblo to work at CF&I, Pueblo Army Depot and other places of opportunity. This book is everyone’s story. It tells the story of many journeys from the small farms of the San Luis Valley and beyond, to a life out of poverty. Hispanic children have assimilated into American society and like other ethnic groups that came to America, the land of promise and hope, are melting into history. Presented by Danny Quintana, author of Caught in the Middle, Stories of Hispanic Migration and Solutions to America’s Immigration Dilemma.