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Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer

Position Description: 

Each volunteer chooses a favorite topic or type of material and “adopts” the shelves within that section (e.g. mysteries, science fiction, history, crafts). The volunteer will check his/her section on a weekly basis to maintain order, accessibility and appearance of assigned section.

Length of Commitment: 
3-6 months minimum
Time Involvement: 
one or more 2-4 hour shifts per week
Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age
Ability to arrange items in alphabetical or numerical order
Ability to work independently
Ability to bend and stretch to reach shelves
Experience with Dewey Decimal system preferred
Read spine labels to keep section in proper numeric or alphabetic order. Record progress in the shelf-reading notebook.
Re-shelve misplaced items or books left on tables or carts
Pull materials to the front of the shelf and shift them as necessary to assure easy access and a tidy appearance.
Identify books requiring mending and place them in mending area with note.
Remove all bookmarks, paper and litter from books and shelves.
Assist patrons when able, or direct questions to the reference desk
Orientation to the library including all applicable policies and procedures.
Attend an individual or small group orientation to learn the unique requirements of the “adopted” section(s) and how to use the online catalog to look up materials.