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Library Enhancement Project



Pueblo West






Library @ the Y


Pueblo City County District Library (PCCLD) is excited to have undergone major changes that greatly enhance our ability to provide customer service. Library locations at Rawlings, Pueblo West, Barkman, Lamb, and the Library at the Y are using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification system) enabled check in and check out. The use of Automated Material Handling (AMH) has also been implemented at the Rawlings, Pueblo West, Barkman, and Lamb libraries.

The goal of implementing RFID and AMH is to enhance customer service. Customers can check in and checkout materials almost immediately. The new system greatly improves the accuracy of our returns, and makes returned materials available more quickly. Security of library materials is also increased by new RFID tags and new efficient gates at the library locations.

AMH, a machine that works with RFID, has been installed at the Rawlings, Pueblo West, Barkman, and Lamb libraries. AMH works with RFID to provide almost instant self-check in and automated sorting via a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt deposits materials into sorting bins which reduces the time it takes for materials to return to the shelves. The use of RFID and AMH will give staff more time and opportunity to work directly with customers.

New payment stations make it possible for customers to use cash, credit and debit cards to pay off fines and lost items independently or with assistance from staff.
Significant physical changes to accommodate the use of RFID and AMH have taken place in the circulation and greeting areas at the Rawlings, Lamb, and Barkman Libraries. Staff at our Information and Help desks are available to help customers use the new Self Checks and Payment Stations

In addition to the new RFID and AMH equipment, the Barkman and Lamb Libraries have received a makeover including new carpet and paint.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility with these enhancements at Rawlings, Pueblo West, Barkman, Lamb, and Library @ the Y libraries.